You are Captain Fred of the USS Flying Saucer, an earth based space vessel on a mission to defend the Earth from the invading Martian forces. Truly original.

The USS Flying Saucer is the latest in space travel technology. Your ship is outfitted with advanced evasive maneuver capabilities as well as upgradable weapons and armor.

You have your flying saucer; the Martians have their space ships too. However, they also have some pretty grim looking creatures flying around out there, so watch out!

Mars Revenge is a one or two player local co-op game featuring:

  • Single Player, or Two Player local co-op.
  • Dozens of levels of game play, including bonus levels.
  • New enemy characters throughout the levels.
  • A nuke to blow up everyone, but it won’t be easy.
  • More than 10 different power ups for temporary adjustments to your ships capabilities.
  • Customize your ship through the Upgrades Center using points earned during game play.
  • An optional, but rewarding, Tag mini game between levels when playing with two players.
  • 5 Levels of difficulty.
  • Save your game progress, so you can continue playing at a later time.

Visit Xbox Live Indie games and pick up the trial version of Mars Revenge. Give it a try. Ask the person next to you to join your game. Tell them it will be fun.

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For XBox One and Windows
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