MyPaintShow A creative and easy to use screen saver software package that allows you to paint, draw, or doodle using an assortment of characters right on your desktop.

MyPaintShow The Editor
This is the 'paint' part of the software package.
User friendly program allows all ages to easily 'paint' fun screen savers the whole family will enjoy. No matter if you’re a seasoned artist or a casual doodler, MyPaintShow makes it fun for everyone.

MyPaintShow The Screen Saver
This is the 'show' part of the software package.
Your screen saver will start when your computer is idle.
You can watch as your Show files and characters go into action.

MyPaintShow The Show Files
Each Show file contains a fun screensaver that was created using the editor.

          Create your own screensavers with the included editor

MyPaintShow  The Characters
A character is the little artist who runs around your desktop to recreate the''show' that you painted with the Editor.

          You can also create your own characters...