Creating Your Own Characters

MyPaintShow Screensaver allows the use of external characters, unlike the Editor which only has three internal characters.

external characters are simply .bmp (Windows Bitmap) files. These files can be created using your favorite graphics editor that supports windows bitmap (.bmp) files.

There are three important things to remember.

The color at the upper left hand corner is used as the transparency color. Some colors don’t work. For best results use pure white (RGB 255,255,255) or pure black (RGB 0,0,0). You may open one of the included .bmp (character) files in your favorite image editor to examine it.

The HotSpot is located at (2,65). The hotspot is the location in the bitmap where the drawing takes place. It is the location where the tip of characters PaintBrush or Pen should be located in the .bmp file. For example the tip of a characters crayon should be located 2 pixels from the left, and 65 pixels from the top of the image.

Although there is no size limit to the bitmaps, the larger the bitmap, the more work it is for your computer to move it. With that said, try to keep the size reasonable.