Using the MyPaintShow  Editor

When you first install MyPaintShow, a MyPaintShow Editor icon is placed on your desktop as well as on the start menu. Double clicking this icon will start MyPaintShow Editor.

MyPaintShow Editor allows you to make MyPaintShow Show files. Show files are the art work files that are played when the screensaver starts.

MyPaintShow Editor is a very basic drawing or paint program which is designed to be simple for anyone to use.

When you start the Editor, a blank canvas is presented and you may begin drawing by simply pressing the left mouse button and dragging the mouse across the canvas. The canvas is the white area in the Editor. All your mouse motions are recorded by the Editor for playback.

When you press the left mouse button, you will notice the mouse cursor change from a cross to a small circle. We call the mouse cursor the Pen. When the “Pen” is a small circle, it is said your pen is down. Any mouse motions with the pen down will draw a line in the current pen color. You may change the thickness and color of your pen using the edit menu found at the top of the Editor.

MyPaintShow  has several options and tools to help you when creating colorful and fun Show files. These options are found in the various menus. The top of MyPaintShow Editor has the following:

For best results, it is recommended that you:

Use smooth fluid motions when moving from one point to another when your pen is up.

Avoid using the menus at the top and learn the shortcuts. All menus are accessible by using the “alt” key and the underlined letter on the menu item. The Edit menu is also accessible by using the hotkeys as well as the right mouse click.

Save your work often.